5 Reasons Why This is the Best Time of Year


Despite being a fan of the warmer months, I must say the holiday season is undoubtedly the best time of year. For starters, everything is festive. People. Places. Houses. Check out these 5 trademarks that highlight the coming wintry paradise:

  1. Snow

Regardless of your opinion on the cold, you can’t say snow isn’t cool. I love all things snow. Snowflakes. Snowmen. Snowballs. Songs about snow, There’s a small window each year where we the north get to experience this fluffy goodness.

  1. Winter Activities

don’t buy that it’s too hard to stay active during the colder months. As long as you’re dressed for the weather, there’s plenty of ways to burn some calories in between some fireplace reading. Whether you’re rolling solo to make snow angels (no judgement) or ice skating with a bunch of friends in a winter wonderland, nothing beats coming inside to a warm cup of hot chocolate after some fun in the snow.

  1. Giving (and Receiving)

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or Festivus, December is full of celebrations that provide opportunities for people to display how much you mean to them. It’s always nice to receive gifts, but nothing beats seeing how thankful a gift or regift makes a friend or family member.

  1. Holiday Parties

I think we can all agree that parties, if not fun, are always entertaining. Whether it’s a casual office party or a New Year’s Rager, there’s never a shortage of festivities during this time of year.

  1. Winter Fashion

First, it’s much easier to be fashionable when you can layer up! Crazy articles of clothing are the pinnacle of the holiday season. Any other time of year, people can and will question your wardrobe choices. But not now, feel free to whip out your ugliest sweater and those red pants you can only wear once a year.

From the anticipation I felt when I was younger to the eternal gratitude I feel now, it's clear the holiday magic is still here. Happy Holidays from my team to yours!

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