NEU Insights: Website Engagement


As we've come to learn at NEU, it's absolutely critical to be on top of your online performance. Even though it may seem like everything works smoothly, how can you know prospective clients are able to find their way to the right pages? People may be able to find your website easily, but how do they interact with it once there? Do they have trouble finding contact information, is load time slow, is your navigation misleading? Luckily, you don’t need to be a data scientist to get basic insights. There are both simple and cheap ways to keep track of what’s really happening on your site.

Supercharge your analytics with visitor recordings and heatmaps. Google analytics has been great instrumental to us in collecting valuable data from all website traffic such as demographics, referral source, and medium, but we knew something was missing. The high level user behavior flow didn’t give us a great picture of how and why users progressed from page to page. That’s where the two tools Smartlook and Inspectlet come in to help. While Inspectlet provides both paid and free plans, Smartlook is #free99 all the time.

Neu brands website analytics Smartlook

Smartlook records everything visitors do on your website, which you can review to see if people are missing any vital information. While Google analytics tells you what, Smartlook tells you why. If unlimited screen recordings aren’t enough,  the Inspectlet dashboard also includes customer heatmaps to see which parts of your website attract the most attention and  further help business’ monitor, analyze, and enhance user experience. To set up both Smartlook or Inspectlet, just add a small snippet of Javascript to your website, and you’ll begin to reap the benefits.

Neu brands inspectlet heatmaps website analytics

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