The Spectacle of SXSW


While technology is transforming events from live streaming to drone footage, Snapchat’s Spectacles are poised to have the biggest impact on the space. Live streaming has become mainstream as access to the technology is widely available through channels like Facebook and Twitter. And despite a higher price point and frequent event restrictions, drones provide a new perspective on the action at a fast-paced event. Still, following a weekend at SXSW, it’s clear nothing creates FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) like Snapchat’s Spectacles.

The stylish mirrored sunglasses contain tiny wireless video cameras that capture the human perspective in an impressive 115 degree field of view. The way you rotate your phone to see the edges of their circular video format feels different and innovative. Even better, they can collect a whole day’s worth of footage on a single charge. With the Spectacles, you bring attendees and viewers to where the action is happening. Whether you’re at a music festival or a tech conference, there is nothing between you and the moment. Without that friction, the moment becomes more raw and authentic.

NEU Snapchat Spectacles at SXSW

Still in its infancy as a product, we must consider the value Spectacles can bring to both brands and fans going forward. The shades have already had extreme success in making their red carpet debut at the Golden Globes. Brand ambassadors of cosmetic giant L’Oreal wore the Spectacles to give their followers a behind-the-scenes view of the event. The shades do not have to be the primary vehicle of a brands social strategy, but can take an omni-channel digital experience to the next level.

Our team started using Spectacles at SXSW and we are already seeing the benefits. The captured moments might have been missed had we tried to get out a phone, find the right app, and press record. Snapchat has already positioned itself as a company centered on fleeting moments with its disappearing messages and on-demand geofilters, and now Spectacles are the icing on the cake.
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