4 Reasons to Join the Guru Network!


As we launch our revamped Guru network, the time to join is now. College students have the opportunity to increase their influence on campus and join a growing community. Our campus reps gain tremendous value from the real experience of being a NEU Guru, so we decided to lay out the Top 4 reasons to join the Guru Network:

  1. Work on your own time for commission! This is perfect for a campus job because Gurus making their own hours and are always rewarded for their effort. If it’s finals week and you don’t have a minute of free time, that’s absolutely fine. Got a slow week? You can spend some extra time making sales and take home a lot of money. Best of all, Gurus have the opportunity to earn bonuses for hitting sales targets and have the opportunity to permanently increase their commission.
  2. Improve your resume! When you apply to jobs in the future you will be able to say exactly how much revenue you drove to NEU and how you got there. You won't struggle to describe how you added value. As a recruiter, I love to see concrete numbers like this.
  3. Improve your sales skills! Sales experience is an extremely marketable skill. The best way to become better at sales is by doing it. No class will prepare you for your first sales meeting. As a Guru, you start off selling custom merchandise to your friends and people in your network before you head to to the big sales meetings with university offices.  
  4. Make an impact! Finally, being a campus rep for a cool startup is different than being a campus rep for a gray-haired corporation. We are looking for students who want to help build our brand. There are no set rules or limits to what Gurus can do. We provide a structure for Gurus to make sales and set them loose on their respective campuses. We are estimating Gurus will make a few thousand dollars in a semester, but I know a couple young hustlers who are going to absolutely crush it through personal connections and sales to universities. The sky’s the limit. Head to the Become a Rep page and apply now.
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