5 Highlights from the Under 30 Summit

Last week, the NEU team headed up to Boston for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Forbes Under 30 Music Festival

Headlined by Jason Derulo, the Sunday night concert capped off an eventful Day 1. The Main Stage also featured performances from Halsey, Gallant, and Delta Rae.

Forbes Music Festival

2. The People

At the Summit, the people make the event. With thousands of young entrepreneurs, the energy in the Under 30 Village was electric from start to finish. A couple of the most memorable attendees were cybersecurity expert Saket Modi and 12-year-old Caleb Smith who runs STEM Bunnies 

Forbes Caleb Smith

3. The Run with Michael Phelps

On Tuesday morning, the team rose at the crack of dawn to join the greatest Olympian of all time and many Bostonians for a run along the Charles River.

Forbes Phelps Run

4. Chrissy Teigen's Book Signing

John Legend escorted wife Chrissy Teigen to the book signing for her best-selling book Cravings.

5. Taste of Boston Food Festival

A half-dozen food trucks packed into the Under 30 Village to supply summit attendees with some of the best cuisine Beantown has to offer. My personal favorite focused their entire menu on the greatest food known to man: bacon.

Forbes Boston Bacon Truck

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