Wait for it...


I can talk on my phone and order sweetgreen, WHAT?! Thanks to our smartphones, instant gratification has made waiting the bane of our existence. We can’t even wait in a coffee line without checking on something to make the waiting a little more bearable. Imagine if Alexander Graham Bell and Alan Turing could see the great-grandchildren of their amazing inventions! Could they ever have imagined what time and progress would turn their machines into; how much faster we can be because of them? Bell and Turing’s tireless work, patience, and perseverance is still paying off to this day. I don’t bring these points up just for the sake of a quick history lesson - although, you should know those names if you own a smartphone, along with Tim Berners-Lee (get woke) - I bring these points up to illustrate a tiny snippet in the history of mankind where our progress, although long awaited, does happen!

“Good things come to those who wait.”

Waiting does mean delaying action until something happens; however, time is ever moving, so even when you’re seemingly waiting (physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, etc.), by definition, you are always, evolving, growing and changing. We can be bold one day and chilled out the next; we can hustle and be productive one day and be a lazy jerk the next; we can be a fashionista one day and a total yoga-pants-wearing-bum the next; we can have it all together one day and lose our footing the next.  The wonderful truth behind that is, despite periods of waiting for a change to come, a change is gon’ come (thanks Otis). My mom said to me right before I was getting on the plane to leave for my semester abroad in London, “Enjoy every second. Even the waiting. Even waiting in line can turn into an adventure.” Waiting can actually be an active and even enjoyable part of life, if we constantly try to grow and change into better people.

So what exactly do I think we’re waiting for now, especially when it feels like we’ve already waited so long for something good or something better to come along? I think we should wait for people to truly understand kindness and love to progress and show progress. We should wait before we speak, to think about how it may make others feel; we should wait for everyone in the conversation to finish, to ensure everyone is heard; we should wait before we judge others’, to consider their life and circumstances as an individual; and we should wait for the good things that will come to us.